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Paddy on the Railway

Paddy on the Railway

     Paddy on the railway
     Pickin up stanes;
     Alang cam an engine
     And brak Paddy's banes.

     "O!" said Paddy,
     "That's no fair."
     "O!" said the engineman,
     "Ye shudna hae been there."

     SC (1948), 121 (no. 198), from Glasgow, and very similar in
     Those Dusty Bluebells (1965),7, a skipping rhyme from
     Cumnock.  Gullen (1950), 17 (no. 40, among countings-out),
     has "by came an engine", "`Well,' said the engine-
     driver, `you shouldn't be there.'"  Note says "An older
     user of this rhyme protests that it was the engine that
     spoke"--as in Rodger, Lang Strang (1948), 11 [at the
     railway/ "Weel,"  said the engine, "you've no business
     there"].  A Dublin version: Behan Streets of Song no. 9.

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