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Chorus: Paranoia, paranoia
The whole world is out to destroy ya
And even little things annoy ya
When you're paranoid.

People talkin' just to bore you
When you answer they just ignore you
They're always laughin' at not for you
When you're paranoid.

Travelin' always gives you qualms
There's hurricanes, hijackers fires and bombs
they always tell you to keep calm
But you're too paranoid.

When you stay in at night,
Lock your windows and doors up tight
Still can't make yourself turn out the light
When you're paranoid!

Poison in your morning roll
Fishbones in your filet of sole
Botulism in your soup bowl
When you're paranoid.

There's a mugger round each bend
There's an enemy in each friend
Life's a castle to defend
When you're paranoid.
They're out to get you
When you're paranoid.

by Kim Wallach, c. 1981

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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