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Pass Around Your Bottle

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Pass Around Your Bottle

Oh, pass around your bottle, we'll all take a drink,
Oh, I'm bound for another spring.
Oh, them don't like me can let me alone,
For my darling's gone back on me.

Well, my old clothes are dirty and torn,
My shoes are full of holes,
Oh, my old hat is hanging all around,
And it's almost touching my nose.

Oh, pass around your bottle and we'll all take a drink,
It's been all around this room;
Oh, pass it to the boys that fears no noise,
Although we're far from home.

I remember what my old mamma said,
She gave me good advice;
She told me to quit my rambling ways,
And marry me a loving little wife.

You can shoot, you can cut, you can rip, you can tear,
You can do whatever you will;
For I ramble around from town to town,
And I drink corn whisky still.

When I were young and a-running a:ound,
I had a little money to spend,
I spent it for drink, but I never did think
That my fun would ever end.

From Our Singing Country, Lomax

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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