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Paul Jones (2)

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Paul Jones (2)

It's of an American frigate the "Richard" by name
Mounted forty-four guns, and from New York she came.
A-cruising down the channel of Old England's fame
With a noble commander, Paul Jones was his name.

We had not cruis'd long before two sail we spied
A large forty-four and a twenty likewise,
And fifty bright shipping well loaded with store,
And the convoy stood in for the old Yorkshire shore.

About the hour of twelve we came alongside
With a loudspeaking trumpet: "Whence came you?" he cried;
"Come, answer me quickly, I'll hail you no more
Or else a broadside into you I will pour."

We fought them four glasses, four glasses so hot,
Till sixty-five seamen lay dead on the spot,
And seventy-five more lay bleeding in gore,
While the thundering loud cannons of Paul Jones did roar.

Our carpenter being  frighten'd, to Paul Jones did say
"Our ship she leaks water since firing today,
Paul Jones then made answer in the height of his pride
"If we can't do no better, boys, we will sink alongside."

Paul Jones he then smil'd and to his men did say
"Let every man stand in the best of his play,"
'Twas broadside for broadside we fought on the main
Like true buckskin heroes we return'd it again

The "Serapis"  hove round our ship for to rake,
Which made the proud hearts of the Englishmen ache;
The shot flow ao hot they could not stand it long,
So the brave British colours of the English came down.

"And now, my brave boys, we have taken a rich prize
A large forty-four and a twenty likewise;
God help every poor mother that has reason to weep
For the loss of her sons on the ocean so deep.

DT #359
Laws A4
From The Constant Lovers, Purslow
Collected from George Dowden, Dorset, 1905

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