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Paul Jones

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Paul Jones

A forty-gun frigate from Baltimore came,
Her guns mounted forty, and Richard by name,
Went cruising the channel of old England,
With a noble commander, Paul Jones was the man.

We had not sailed long before we did spy
A large forty-four and a twenty close by,
All these warlike vessels full laden witb store;
Our captain pursued them on the bold York shore.

At the hour of twelve Pierce came alongside
With a large speaking trumpet: "Whence came you?" he cried.
"Quick give me an answer, I've hailed you before,
Or at this moment a broadside I'll pour."

We fought them five glasses, five glasses so hot,
Till sixty bright seamen lay dead on the spot,
Full seventy wounded lay bleednng in gore.
How fierce our loud cannons on the Richard did roar.

Our gunner got frightened, to Paul Jones he came.
"Our ship she is sinking, likewise in a flame."
Paul Jones he smiled in the height of his pride,
Saying, "This day I'll conquer or sink alongside."

Here's a health to those widows who shortly must weep,
For the loss of their husbands who sunk in the deep.
Here's a health to those young girls who shortly must mourn
For the loss of their sweethearts that's overboard thrown.

Here's a health to Paul Jones with sword in hand---
He was foremost in action, in giving command.
Here's a health to Paul Jones and all his crew---
If we hadn't a French Captain, boys, what could we do!

Note: Often sung with a chorus:
     Hurrah! Our country forever, Hurrah!

The last line refers to the behaviour of Captain Landais of the
Alliance who, for some reason or other (possibly a strong
competitive spirit?), poured three or four broadsides into the
Richard, but ignored the British ships.

Recorded by Frank Warner, also Wallace House
DT #359
Laws A4

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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