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Peck o' Maut

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Peck o' Maut
(Robert Burns)

O, Willie brew'd a peck o maut,
  And Rob and Alan cam to see.
Three blyther hearts, that lee-lang night,
  Ye wad na found in Christendie.

     We are na fou, we'fe nae that fou,
       But just a drappie in our e'e;
     The cock may craw, the day may daw,
     And ay we'll taste the barley bree.

Here are we met, three merry boys,
  Three merry boys I trow are we;
And monie a night we've merry been,
  And monie mare we hope to be!
It is the moon, I ken her horn,
   That's blinkin in the lift sae hie:
She shines sae bright to wyle us hame,
   But, by my sooth, she'll wait a wee!

Wha first shall rise to gang awa,
  A cuckold, coward loun is he!
Wha first beside his chair shall fa',
   He is the King amang us three!

tune: Willie brewed a peck o' maut (268)

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