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Perry's Victory

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Perry's Victory
(Andrew C. Mitchell ca. 1813)

As old Queen Charlott, a worthless old varlet
Our brave naval forces was scorning,
She wished to be merry, so called for some Perry,
September the tenth in the morning.
When brisk Perry came, she found him true game,
To her cost too, he gave her a warning,
So let us be merry and remember Perry
September the tenth in the morning.

It was on Lake Erie, when all hands were cheery,
A fleet was descried in morning,
'Twas Queen Charlott's fleet, so handsome and neat,
In bold line of battle were forming;
But when evening came, though the fleet were the same
That our brave naval forces were scorning,
They were beat, so complete, that they yielded the fleet,
To the one they despis'd in the morning.

Now let us remember the tenth of September,
When Yankees gave Britons a warming,
When our foes on Lake Erie, were beaten and weary,
So full of conceit in the morning;
To the skillful, and brave, who our country did save,
Our gratitude ought to be warming,
So let us be merry, in toasting of Perry,
September the tenth in the morning.

NOTE: Charlotte, widow of George III, was reputed to enjoy a
        nip of Perry, or pear brandy. Pun intended RG

tune: Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning

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