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Piano Leg

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Piano Leg
(Ed Bronstein)

It happened on a Monday morning
A mournful maiden shed a tear
Because her true bespoken lover
Was off to sea for many a year

And when the time had come for parting
Into her parlor then she went
And pulled the leg from her grand piano
And off it came all broke and bent

Take this piano leg she told him
And while you're gone I'll truly yearn
My piano now is all lopsided
I'll never play till you return

So off to sea that young man traveled
For many years toiled on the deck
Then he returned to claim his lady
The piano leg around his neck

But he drew near unrecognized
His back all bowed just like an egg
So heavy was his constant burden
Around his neck, that piano leg

He said "Tis I, I've come to marry"
She cried "Oh no, that can not be"
For I'm betrothed to another
That sails upon a distant sea

He said "Tis I, your true betrothed
This piano leg should prove it so
If you be she who this fair token
Broke from her piano long ago

She cried "Tis I who long have waited"
The piano is lopsided yet
They put the leg back on the piano
And side by side played a duet

So were two lovers reunited
And traded kisses one, two, three
Now in the wind, their voices whisper
I know it's you, you know it's me

By Ed Bronstien (Biggs Tinker) to the tune of Wayfaring Stranger

A broken token song parody

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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