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Pickle Carol

Pickle Carol
(Lani Herrmann)

Joseph was an old man
And an old man was he,
But still he courted Mary
To gain a family.
But still he courted Mary
To gain a family.

As they were walking
Along so carefully,
Mary cries out to Joseph,
A pickle for me.

A pickle, cries Joseph
Now how can that be?
Two miles to the nearest deli
Is too much for me.
I must have a pickle or
I shall go wild.
And by the way Joseph,
We have a little child.

Joseph in anger jumped up
And also down
He said, it isn't kosher
You've been fooling around.

Then up piped little Jesus
From in his mother's pen
He said, give her a pickle
And stop this argument.

And as they stood amazed
By the side of the road
A tree all full of pickles
Let down its heavy load.
On Mary showered pickles
Both great and small
And they bent down together
And gathered them all.

Mary got her pickle
And Joseph a Son
In peace and contentment
They lived everyone.

Copyright Lani Herrmann

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