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Pick Up Your Rifle

Pick Up Your Rifle
(Mark Westphal)

In 1916, in the year of our Lord
Fighting came to Ireland like it never had before
For freedom comes to those who fight for its day
So I picked up my rifle and joined the IRA

A free and united Ireland was our only desire
And the best of the British Army couldn't put out that fire
But a deal with the devil was soon put forth
Freedom for the South and nothing for the North

Well this didn't seem really right with me
For Ireland is one from sea to sea
And the IRA said our job's not done
So off to the North I went with my gun

We fought in the fields, we fought in the streets
And the English knew we couldn't be beat
We fought with rifles, we fought with rocks
And sent many a soldier home in a box

The fight has been long and many have fell
And we weep for the rebels who starved alone in a cell
For the price of our freedom is paid with blood
of those IRA men who have died in the mud

Is life so sweet or is peace so dear?
That the weight of chains are easy to bear
For freedom comes to those who fight for its day
So pick up your rifle and join the IRA
Copyright Mark Westphal c1996

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