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The Picture on the Wall

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The Picture on the Wall
(Henry Clay Work)

'Tis noon of night, the sable clouds hang weeping in the sky;
Alone I sit, where fancies flit like spectral shadows by.
Methinks I see familiar forms, and on before them all,
So fair, so calm, so wondrous like, wondrous like the picture on the wall.

cho: Among the brave and loyal, How many lov'd ones fall!
     Whose friends bereft, have only left, only left
     A picture on the wall.

I hear the press of eager feet upon my parlor floor,
A moment, and my willing arms Enclasp my boy once more.
I feel his warm breath on my cheek but when his name I call,
A shadowy finger points me, points me to his picture on the wall.

The moon's full radiance struggles through and lights my room once more,
And thus shal Heav'n, O heart of mine, Thy seeming loss restore.
Its light shall gild tne present gloom, and sweeter spells enthrall,
Than that which binds me to this sweet, to this sweet true picture on
     the wall.

From Songs of Henry Clay Work, Work

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