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Little Piece of Wang

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Little Piece of Wang

Come all you sons of piety and listen to my dirge
Some say it is a pack of lies, but it's gospel, every word
When God made father Adam, sure He laughed and danced and sang
And He sewed up Adam's belly with a little piece of wang

Now when the job was over, God said, "I've measured wrong"
For when the wang was knotted, it was just a bit too long
God says, "I've made a blunder here, but I think I'll let it
And He left on Adam's belly, that little piece of wang

And when it came to Mother, it fairly made Him smart
For when the wang was knotted, it was just a bit too short
God said, "It leaves a bit of a gap, but I won't give a damn
She can fight it out with Adam for that little piece of wang"

And ever since that glorious day when human life began
It's been a constant struggle betwixt the woman and the man
And if you ask the woman and the man, they will agree
That they won't care if that battle lasts for all eternity

wang = a narrow piece of leather used to sew the top of a shoe to
the bottom.  from AL Lloyd

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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