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Pilot's Lament

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Pilot's Lament

Now listen all you pilots and you airmen,
We will tell you a story sad but true
Of many who wear wings but are not happy
Gather 'round while we sing this song to you.

The many who wear wings but are not happy,
Wear a smile on their lips, not in their hearts
They're overjoyed to wear the badge of an airman,
But are sad in getting off to such bad starts.

A reason there must be for discontentment.
Why the gloom as dark as any blacked-out loop;
Just ask them one and all and they will tell you
I'm not a member of the ----- Fighter Group.

from There I was...Flat on my Back, Stevens.
(Tune: If I Had The Wings Of An Angel)

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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