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Father Was Killed By the Pinkerton Men

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Father Was Killed By the Pinkerton Men
(William W. Delaney)

'Twas in a Pennsylvania town not very long ago
Men struck against reduction of their pay
Their millionaire employer with philanthropic show
Had closed the works till starved they would obey.
They fought for home and right to live where they had
     toiled so long
But ere the sun had set some were laid low;
Tbere're hearts now sadly grieving by that sad and bitter
God help them for it was a cruel blow.

cho: God help them tonight in their hour of affliction
     Praying for him whom they'll ne'er see again
     Hear the poor orphans tell their sad story
     "Father was killed by the Pinkerton men."

Ye prating poiiticians, who boast protection creed,
Go to Homestead and stop the orphans' cry.
Protection for the rich man ye pander to his greed,
His workmen they are cattle and may die.
The freedom of the city in Scotland far away
Is presented to the millionaire suave,
But here in Free America with protection in full sway
His workmen get the freedom of the grave.


From Weep Some More, My Lady, Spaeth
Note: Printed in 1892, in response to the battle between Pinkertons and
     strikers at Carnegie's Homestead, PA plant. See also
 Homestead Strike.

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