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The Pirate's Song

The Pirate's Song

My boat's by the tower, my bark's on the bay
Both must be gone by the dawn of the day
The moon's in her shroud, and to light thee afar
On the deck of the "Daring's" a love-lighted star

So, wake, lady, wake, I'm waiting for thee
On this night, or never, my bride thou shalt be
Wake, lady, wake, I'm waiting for thee
On this night or never my bride thou shalt be

Forgive my rough mood, unaccustomed to sue
I woo not, perhaps, as the landlubbers do
For my voice is attuned to the sound of the gun
Which startles the deep when the combat's begun

Oh, islands there are on the face of the deep
Where the leaves never fade and the skies never weep
So haste, love, make haste, while the fair breezes blow
And an ocean bird poses on pinions of snow

A hundred shall serve, the best of the brave,
The chief of a thousand shall kneel as thy slave
And thou shalt reign queen, and our empire shall last
'Til the black flag, by inches, is torn from the mast

I learned this one off a Burl Ives record years
ago. I'm getting quite a few requests for it these days. BMcE


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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