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The Plain Golden Band

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The Plain Golden Band

I am thinking tonight of the days that are gone
Where the sun Clampered over the mountains at morn,
And the dew-drops from heaven like diamonds do glow
They were kissing the roses in the valley below.

cho: She was lovely and fair as the rose in the spring,
     She appeared like some goddess or some Grecian queen
     Fairer than the lily that blooms on the shore,
     The pride of the valley, the girl I adore.

The day that we parted I ne'er can forget;
I fancy I see those sad tears falling yet,
My poor hesrt was sad and with sorrow did sting
When she took from her finger that plain golden ring,

Saying, "Take back this ring that I fain would retain,
For wearing it only causes me pain.
I have broken the vows that I made on the strand.
Now take back, I pray you, that plain golden band."

"Retain the engagement ring, darling," I cried.
"You know that you promised you'd soon be my bride.
My love it is true and will never grow cold.
Retain, then, I pray you, that plain band of gold."

"I know, my brave laddie, your love it is true.
I know that you love me and that I love you,
But I've broken the vows that we made on the strand,
And take back, I pray you, that plain golden band.

"One fine, starry night when the moon it shone bright
All nature was raptured in the pale yellow light,
And the gentle wild zephyrs blew o'er the wild moor
As I strayed from my cottage to roam on the shore.

"A young man appeared, and him I well knew.
He told me fake stories, false stories of you.
He vowed that he loved me and offered his hand,
And I put a stain on that plain golden band."

"Retain the engagement ring, darling, I crave,
Or lay me to sleep in a dishonored grave,
With those fond, cherished letters penned by your own hand
And on my cold breast place the plain golden band."

In the green, shudy forest so far, far away,
Where the deer loves to roam and the child loves to play
All nature seems gay and the scene's wild but grand,
There the author you'll find to "The Plain Golden Band."

From Shantymen and Shanty Boys, Doerflinger
Collected from Joe Scott and "Uncle Joe" Patterson
DT #693
Laws H17

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