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Pleasant and Delightful

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Pleasant and Delightful

It was pleasant and delightful one midsummer's morn
When the fields and the meadows were all covered in corn
And the blackbirds and thrushes sang on every green spray
And the larks they sang melodious at the dawning of the day
And the larks they sang melodious (3x) at the dawning of the day

A sailor and his true love were a'walking one day
Said the sailor to his truelove I am bound far away
I am bound for the East Indies where the load cannons roar
I must go and leave my Nancy, she's the girl that I adore
(as above)

Then the ring from off her finger she instantly drew
Saying, Take this my dearest William and my heart will go too
And whilst he stood embracing her tears from her eyes fell
Saying, May I go along with you, o no, my love, farewell

So it's fare thee well my Nancy, I can no longer stay
For the topsail is hoisted and the anchor aweigh
And the ship lies awaiting for the next flowing tide
And if ever I return again, I will make you my bride

recorded by Lou and Sally Killen and by Irish Rovers

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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