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Wellington and Waterloo (2)

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Wellington and Waterloo (2)

The eighteenth day of June, my boys, Napoleon did advance
With the choicest troops that he could raise, within the bounds of France
With the glittering eagles showing all around, and proud to face the foe
But the British lines they tore their wings on the plains of Waterloo

cho: So with Wellington we'll go
     So with Wellington we'll go
     For Wellington commanded us
     On the plains of Waterloo

The fight did last from ten o'clock until the close of day
When limbs, and blood, and cannonballs in thick confusion lay
Their cuirassiers did so furious charge, their squares to overthrow
Whilst Britainers maintained their ground on the plains of Waterloo

It's not the cheering of the charge was heard amidst the fight
Whilst Belgium's troops in confusion stood and like cowards took their flight
And left bold Britons in the field, all single with the foe
Whilst Britainers undaunted stood on the plains of Waterloo

And now the dreary night comes on, comes creeping o'er the plain
The Prussians with the English join amidst the heaps of slain
The Prussians with the English join all ready for the foe
And Buonaparte's Imperial crown was lost at Waterloo

O peace be to those honored souls that fell that glorious day
And may the plough never raise their bones, nor cut that sacred clay
But may this place remain a waste and a terror to the foe
Whilst trembling Frenchmen pass that way, they will think of Waterloo.

From MacKenzie, Ballads and Sea Songs of Nova Scotia
From a broadside printed by James Barry at Six Mile Brook, NS
This does not appear to be any of the five Waterloo songs Laws numbered,
   but closest to J3. [SOF]

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