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Election Song

Election Song
(David Diamond)

There's a politician talking
On the box again tonight
And I am sure that he is wrong,
Just because he's sure he's right
And he says he'll keep his promises
And I'm afraid he might.
  And it's four more years.

There are candidates debating
In a friendly sort of way,
And each one says the other one
Is leading us astray.
That's the only part that I believe
From all they've got to say.
  And it's four more years.

There's two conventions meeting,
The cigar smoke rising blue,
The pundits are discussing what
The delegates will do,
And I'd like some information
On distinguishing the two.
  And it's four more years.

The pollsters they have polled us
They have asked and taken note,
The winner they can tell us
The statistics they can quote
And I wonder if it's worth the time
To go and cast my vote.
  And it's four more years.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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