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An Election Shanty

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An Election Shanty
(The Civil Serpents)

 Way down south where the palm trees grow
 Way down in Florida
 They say elections sure are slow.
 And we'll hold the recount now.

 Cho: Polling, polling, they're polling the whole state round;
      *That ballot of mine they will never find
      And we'll hold the recount now.

 Gore's campaign aides made a final push
 To round up voters to beat the Bush.

 Some punched for Bush, some punched for Gore;
 Some punched for two or three or more.

 Pat said "Those votes weren't meant for me,
 I'd be glad if I got three!"

 Chorus (2nd line changes) *Those voters of mine crossed the Palm Beach line

 Reverend Jesse says "No fair!
 They won't let my people vote down there."

 Chorus (2nd line changes) *That brown gal of mine got kicked out of line

 The lawyers'll fight over who gets sued
 But either way, guess who gets screwed?

(to the tune of "Roll the Woodpile Down")
The Civil Serpents asked not to be named.
KW, MlaM, GS

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