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Poor Young Girl

Poor Young Girl

1.  There was once a poor young girl who lived in the country,
    And she went to the city to seek employment.
    She went to the city because the wolf was at her door,
    And her father had fallen down and hurt his knee.

2.  Just before she went to the city, her boyfriend whose name was Jack,
    He said to her, "I fear you will not be true."
    So he made her promise just as she was getting on the train
    That every night at eight o'clock she would burst into tears.

3.  Then she got to the city and was riding on an omnibus
    When a man got up and offered her his seat
    She refused him with scorn for she saw that he wore a ring
    And for all she knew he could be a married man.

4.  Then up stepped the driver and said, "I knew you would be true!"
    And he tore off his false whiskers and it was Jack
    The very same day she received a telegram saying her father's knee was
    And an aunt had died and left her a substantial amount of money.

Note: The female counterpart to Fatal Glass of Beer RG

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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