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Pretty Saro 3

Pretty Saro 3

 Pretty Saro, pretty Saro, I love you, I know,
 I love you so dealy I never can show.

 On the banks of old Cowie, on the banks of said brow,
 I loved you dearly, and I love you still now.

 Down in some lonely valley, in some lonely place,
 I hear small birds singing their notes to increas.

 I makes me think of pretty Saro, her ways were so complete
 . . . . . . . .

 It's not this long journey that troubles my mind,
 NOr the country I'm leaving behind.

 My true love won't have me, so I understand;
 She wants a freeholder, and I have no land.

 Whenever I get tired I set down and weep
 And think of pretty Saro wherever I be.

Here is the second text from the Frank C Brown Collection of
North Carolina Folklore.  The book suggests that that the odd line
"banks of said brow" might be a corruption of the line
 in verse 9 of the other version which has "the mountain's sad brow"


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