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Pretty Sarah (5)

Pretty Sarah (5)

 Down in some low valley in some lonesome place,
 Where the small birds to whistle their notes do increase.
 I think on pretty Sarah and her ways air so compleat,
 I could wish no better pastime than to be with my sweet.

 I came to this country eighteen-sixty-nine,
 I saw many lovers but I never saw mine.
 I looked all around me, I found I was alone,
 And I a poor soldier and a long ways from home.

 I wish I was a larks man and had wings and could fly
 Down in my love's window this night I would lie.
 All day and all night I would set down and cry,
 And in my love's lily white arms this night I would lie.

 I wish I was a penceman (pen-man, i.e writer)and could write a fine hand,
 I would write my love a letter that she might understand
 I would send it by the waters and the Island do flow
 I think on pretty Sarah wherever I may go.

 My love she won't have me because I am poor
 She says I am not worthy of entering her door.
 But I could maintain her on silver or gold
 And meny other fine things that my love's house could hold.

 My love she won't have me, as I understand
 She wants some free-holder that has houses and land.
 But she will repent it when her love's all in vain,
 For love is a torment and a heart-breaking thing.

text from Virginia

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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