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Pretty Susie, the Pride of Kildare

Pretty Susie, the Pride of Kildare

When first from sea I landed, I had a roving mind;
Undaunted for to ramble far my true love for to find.
I met pretty Susie, her cheeks were like a rose,
Her bosom hit was fairer than the lily that blows.

Her keen eyes they glistened like the bright stars of night,
The robe she was a-wearing it was costly and white.
Her fair neck was shaded by her long raven hair.
Her name it was pretty Susie, the pride of Kildare.

A long time I courted her, but I wasted of my store:
Her love it turned to hatred because I was poor.
She said,"I love another man whose fortune I'll share:
So get you gone from pretty Susie, the pride of Kildare."'

How my heart was a-aching as I lonely did stray!
I met pretty Susie with her young lord so gay,
And as they passed by me, with my mind full of fear,
I sighed for pretty Susie, the pride of E;ildare.

Once more on the ocean I resolved for to go;
Away to the East with my heart full of woe.
I beheld many fair ladies with jewels so rare
But none like pretty Susie, the pride of Kildare.

From North Carolina Folklore, Brown
Reported by Mrs. Sutton as obtained from the wife of
Silas Buchanan of Horse Creek. Ashe county.

DT #724
Laws P6

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