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Process Man

Process Man
(Ron Angel)

A process man am I and I'm telling you no lie
I work and breathe among the fumes that trail across the sky
There's thunder all around me and poison in the air
There's a lousy smell that smacks of hell and dust all in my hair

     And it's go, boy, go
     They'll time your every breath
     And every day you're in this place
     You're two days nearer death
     But you go

I've worked among the spinners and I've breathed the oily smoke
I've shoveled up the gypsum till it nigh on makes you choke
I've stood knee-deep in cyanide, gone sick with caustic burn
Been workin' rough and seen enough to make your stomach turn

There's overtime and bonus opportunities galore
The young boys like the money and they all come back for more
But soon you're getting on, you look older than you should
For every bob made on the job you pay with flesh and blood

Come all you young fellows and a warning hear me say
Don't work for Hooker Chemical on the shores of the Elliot Bay
Don't take the pay and promises, don't bet your youth so strong
Don't end up like me at 33, no one to sing your song

Copyright Ron Angel

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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