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The Prophet

The Prophet
(Duncan Chisholm and Ivan Drever)

I saw a raven, plumage pale
I saw him drink the blood of the gael
Above Clach Mor the gulls will wail
Tonight the Prophet gets paid.

Uigs stone so high and white
Odins birds got it in its sight
In Scaristavore they`ll weep tonight.
For tonight the prophet gets paid.

cho: He who dances shall see him
     And they that lie will decieve him
     For there are those who cannot see him
     Tonight the prophet gets paid.

At Chanonry they scream advance
The Dove, the Crow they circle and dance
Tasg spirits hold them in a trance
Tonight the prophet gets paid.


The Libran moon it waxed and waned
Darkness felt the sting of blackrain
A thousand dreams couln't mask the pain
The night the prophet got paid.

Note: The first song that Duncan and Ivan have written together. The
Prophet was written about the famous Highland Seer Coinneach Odhar
otherwise known as The Brahan Seer. The Seer was eventually executed
at Channonry on the Black Isle by the MacKenzie's of Seaforth.
Legent states that a dove and a raven flew round his funeral pyre
after his death, and this was a sign that his death would be avenged"
(Taken from the Chase CD sleeve notes - copyright MCPS) CC

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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