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The Puddy and the Mouse

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The Puddy and the Mouse

There lived a puddy in a well,
 Cuddy alone, Cuddy alone
There lived a puddy in a well
 Cuddy alone and I

There lived a puddy in a well
And a mousie in a mill
 Kickmaleerie, cowden down
 Cuddy alone and I.

Puddy he'd a wooin' ride
Sword and pistol by his side.

Puddy cam' to mouses wonne (dwelling)
Mistress mouse are you within?

Yes, kind sir I am within
Saftly do I sit and spin.

Madam I am come tae woo
Marriage I must have of you.

Marriage I will grant ye nane
'Till Uncle Rottan he comes hame.

Uncle Rottan's now come hame
Fye gar busk (to make ready) the bride alang.

Lord Rottan sat at the heid o' the table
Because he was both stout and able.

Wha' is that sits next the wa'?
But lady mouse baith jimp and sma'.

Wha is that sits next ty the bride?
But the sola (dirty) puddy wi' his yellow side.

Syne cam' the dewk but and the drake
The dewk took the puddy and gart (made) him squaik.

Then in there came the guid grey cat
Wi' a' the kittens at her back.

The puddy he swam doon the brook
The drake he catched him in his fluke.

The cat he pu'd Lord Rottan doon
The kittens they did claw his crown.

But Lady mouse baith jimp and sma'
Crept into a hole beneath the wa'
'Squeak', quo' she, 'I'm well awa!'

Recorded by MacColl & Seeger
DT #306

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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