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Pull Down Lads

Pull Down Lads
(John Tams)

Pull down lads, pass the bevvy round lads,
"Ta'ra" to Sylvie, "Ta'ra" to Jean, we'll soon be on the road,
Don't think on what you're leaving, don't think on what you've found,
Just tear off the tilt, pull out the chat, we'll find another ground.

Pull down lads, it wasn't a bad ground lads,
We've made some brass, you've had a lass, it's perhaps as well we're going,
I know how it can hurt, lads, to leave her standing here,
For there's often fears and there's always tears, but you'll be back next year.

Pull down lads, the sets are cooling down lads,
The ox all packed and the dodgems stacked, a bite of scran then go,
We'll leave it as we found it, they'll soon forget we've been,
For we trade in fun and we go and come, we're often scorned but seldom mourned,
I hope you'll know what I mean.

Copyright John Tams

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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