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Putting on the Style

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Putting on the Style

Young man in a carriage, driving like he's mad
With a team of horses, he's borrowed from his dad
He cracks his whip so lively, just to see his lady's smile
But she knows he's only putting on the style

  Putting on the agony, putting on the style
  That's what all the young folks are doing all the while
  And as I look around me, I'm very apt to smile
  To see so many people putting on the style

Sweet sixteen, she goes to church, just to see the boys
She laughs and she giggles at every little noise
She turns this way a little, she turns that way a while
But everybody knows she's only putting on the style

Young man in a restaurant smokes a dirty pipe
Looking like a pumpkin that's only halfway ripe
Smoking, drinking, chewing, and thinking all the way
There is nothing equal to putting on the style

Preacher in the pulpit shouting with all his might
Glory Hallelujah, puts the people in a fright
You might think that Satan's coming up the aisle
But it's only preacher putting on the style

Young man just back from college makes a big display
With a great big jawbreak that he can hardly say
It can't be found in Webster, and won't be for a while
But everybody knows he's only putting on the style

Doctor comes to see you, just to hold your hand
Feeds you pills and medicines and tells you you'll feel grand
And all the times he's talking, he wears a great big smile
Thinks he'll make a lot of money putting on the style

sung by Chad Mitchell Trio

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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