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Private John Q

Private John Q
(Roger Miller?)

Well, I read it in the paper and I seen it on the television
Ever'body's worryin' 'bout a World War III.
I am just a single boy, unemployed and ever'thin'
Somebody'd better stop and worry 'bout me.

Cho: Can't you just see me now?
     "Chin up! Chest out!
     Hut two three four" all day through.
     Ever'body seems to be worryin' 'bout somethin' 'nother
     Who's gonna worry 'bout a private John Q?

Sometimes I get downhearted and I try hard not to think about it's
All that I can do to keep from lettin' it get me down.
But I'll stand proud while ever'body else will be a-
Runnin' helter-skelter for a shelter underground.

When I'se a little boy I used to sit an dream of trav'lin'
Visit lots of foreign countries on a sight-seein' tour;
The way it looks now, I can stop savin' money
Maybe go free, sponsored by a third World War.

Recorded by Roger Miller

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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