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Quaker's Wife

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Quaker's Wife

     The Quaker's wife sat doun to bake
       Wi a' her bairns aboot her;
     She baked them every yin a cake,
       And the miller he wants his mouter.

     Sugar and spice and a' things nice
       And a' things verra guid in it,
     And then the miller sat doun to play
       A tune upon the spinet.

     Merrily danced the Quaker's wife,
       And merrily danced the Quaker.
     Merrily danced the Quaker's wife,
       And merrily danced the Quaker.

     NAE (1932), 20 [= Montgomerie SNR (1946), 94 (no. 115)], +
     music; ODNR 358 (no. 432). Halliwell NRE (1842), 143
   (no. cclxvi) (= st. 1); Rymour Club Miscellany II (1912-
     19), 135: The Quaker's wife sat doon to bake, Wi' a' her
     bairns aboot her; And ilk yin got a farl cake, And that
     was the miller's mooter.
     Chambers Scottish Songs (1829), 668, from the Mansfield
     (St Clair) MS. of c. 1780 [not in Miller's ed., 1935]:
     The quaker's wife sat down to bake,/ And a' her bairns
     about her;/ Ilk ane got their quarter cake,/ The miller
     got his mou'ter./  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,/
     Merrily danced the quaker's wife,/ And merrily danced
     the quakers.
     "The Baker's Wife" is in Mason, Nursery Rhymes and
     Country Songs, 1877, and 2nd ed., 1908-9.
With 2.1 cf. the ingredients of little girls, in the English
rhyme (ODNR 100, no. 76), first found in Halliwell, 1844.
The tune is in Dick, Songs [1903] 39; and note, 364.
Previously in Gillespie MS. (1768), no. 213; Bremner, Reels
(1759), 53; Oswald, Pocket Companion for the Guittar (c.
1755) [So merrily danc'd the Quaker].
Words to tune are legion: Nine Inch Will Please a L
MMC), Thine am I, my Faithful Fair (Burns), The Maid of Arran
(Watt), MacPherson the Drover, The Reformer, etc.  In the
present collection, see "Whaur are ye gaun, my bonny wee


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