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Queen Jane

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Queen Jane

Queen Jane lay in labour for six weeks and some more,
Her women grew weary and the midwife give o'er

O, women, kind women, as I know you to be;
Pray cut my side open and save my baby.

"O, no,"  said the women, "That never might be,
We'll send for King Henry in the hour of your need.

King Henry was sent for by horseback and speed
King Henry he come there in the hour of her need.

King Henry he come in and stood by her bed;
What ails my pretty flower, her eyes look so red.

O Henry, kind Henry, pray listen to me
Pray cut my side open and save my baby.
"O, no!" said King Henry, "That never might be!
I'd lose my pretty flower to save my baby."

Queen Jane she turned over and fell in a swound,
They cut her side open, her baby was found.

How black was the mourning, how yellow her bed,
How white the bright shroud Queen Jane was laid in.

Six followed after, six bore her along,
King Henry come after, his head hanging down.

King Henry he wept 'til his hands were wrung sore
Says, "The flower of England is blooming no more."

The baby was christened the very next day,
His mother's poor body lay moldering away.

From The Peggy Seeger Songbook
Child #170

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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