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The Rabbi's Daughter

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The Rabbi's Daughter
(Charles K. Harris)

A Rabbi sat one evening
With Bible on his knee,
His daughter knelt beside him
For she loved him tenderly,
"Come tell me, child, the Rabbi said
Why do you weep and sigh?
Don't be afraid to trust me, dear,
Tell me the reason why."

She gazed into his dear kind face
and said:"Will you forgive?
I love a man with all my heart
Without him I can't live."
The Rabbi looked down at his child
"One question answer me
Is he of Jewish faith or not?"
Her head sank on his knee.

cho: "You are a Rabbi's daughter
     And as such you must obey,
     Your father you must honor
     Unto his dying day.
     If you a Christian marry
     Your old father's heart you'll break;
     You are a Rabbi's daughter,
     And must leave him for my sake."

The hour of midnight sounded,
The world seemed all at rest,
The maiden kissed a picture
And she held it to her breast,
I'm told I must not love you, dear,
I ne'er must see your face,
And that you cannot marry me
For you're not of my faith,

But I shall have no other love
And though my heart should break,
To you my love I'll faithful be,
Though I may never wake,
Her words came true that very morn,
For on her bed so white,
The Rabbi found his only child
Had died for love that night.


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