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The Rabbit Trappers Song

The Rabbit Trappers Song

1. Oh, my traps are all a-jangle,
At an easy swinging tangle,
I'm setting in a circle
Keeping round a fringe of trees;
Although I'm mud and gory spattered,
And my clobber's torn and tattered
I'm as carefree as the bunnies
Till they fall for one of these.

2. Oh, I'm under no man's orders
And I recognise no borders,
There's a welcome everywhere for me
And my old dungarees;
I'm a _____ rabbit trapper,
And a canny bunny snapper,
And I whistle through the bushland,
Though I'm wet up to the knees.

3. While you guys are courting tabbies,
I'm out among the rabbies,
I can hear them bucking, squealing,
Oh, a dozen traps ahead,
And again while you are flirting
At the last trap I am certain
To be bagging up my bunnies,
Keeping tally as I tread.

So Ginger make the railway early,
There's a shy and dinkum girlie
Let's me juggle with the cream cans
As she write cheques out for me.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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