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Ragtime Suffragette

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Ragtime Suffragette
(Harry Williams and Nat D. Thayer)

What's that noise upon the avenue?
What's that crowd a-doin' 'round there too?
What's the meaning  of that awful crash?
Has a taxicab got in a smash?
Johnny, Johnny run and get your gun.
Get in quick or you'll be dead, my son.
It would make Napolean quake
And shake his head with  fear.
Oh dear, oh dear,  just look, look, look who's here;
That ragtime suffragette,
She's no household pet,
Raggin' with bombshells and raggin' with  bricks,
Raggin' and naggin' with politics,
That ragtime suffragette,
Ragtime suffragette,
For Lordy, while her husband's  wait home to  dine,
She's just rag-gin' up and down the line.
A-shoutin' votes, votes, votes for women,
She's a ragtime  suffragette.


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