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It Ain't Gonna Rain

It Ain't Gonna Rain
Bob Pfeffer

SOURCE'S SOURCE: Eric Eilot (FSGW Getaway)


         G                         D7
Oh, you don't need a barometer to pick a rainy day
    D7                                 G
You always know it's gonna rain when the weather experts say:

CHORUS: Oh it ain't gonna rain no more no more, it ain't gonna rain no more
        Don't listen to what the old folks say, it ain't gonna rain no more

OR:     It rained last night and the night before, and it ain't gonna rain
                              no more
OR:     How the heck can I wash my neck, if it ain't gonna rain no more

Oh, the night was dark and dreary, the sky was full of sleet.
An old man stood in the gutter, his shoes were full of feet.

The old man went to the sewer, and by that sewer died,
And at the coroner's inquest, they brought in sewer-cide.

Odet was a tombstone maker, he stacked them on the shelf.
One went and fell right on his head, so he used it for himself.

I saw a sign in the post office: Man Wanted Forty Years.
Now that's too long to wait for a man, it brings eyes to my tears.

Oh, the chicken is a funny bird, so my schoolteacher said,
We eats 'em up before they're born, and after they is dead.

Oh the bee is a funny animal, it buzzes 'round the town.
It don't hurt when it stands up, but it hurts when it sits down.
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