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Ranzo Ray

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Ranzo Ray

Oh, I'm shanteyman of the workin' party
     Timme way, timme hey, timme he ho hay
So sing lads, pull lads, so strong and hearty
     An' sing Hilo, me Ranzo Ray!

I'm shantyman or the Wild Goose nation,
Got a maid that I lert on the big plantation,

Oh the sassiest gal o' that Wild Goose nation
Is her that I left on the big plantation.

Oh, the boys an' the gals went a huckleberry huntin'
The gals began to cry an' the boys they dowsed their buntin'
     (stopped their huntin)(stopped their courtin')

Then a little gal ran off an' a little boy ran arter;
The little gal rell down an' he saw her little garter.

Said he 'I'll be yer beau, if ye'll have me for yer feller
But the little gal said,'No,'cos me sweetheat's Jackie Miller.'

But he took her on his knee, an' he kissed her right and proper
She kissed him back agen, an' he didn't try to sto-o-p'er

An' then he put his arm all around her tight and waspy waist
Sez  she, 'Young man, you're showin' much too great a haste!'

Note: words from RNZORAY2 also fit.
From Shanties from the Seven Seas, Hugill

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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