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Ranzo Rae

Ranzo Rae

We're bound for Valpariser with a load of rusty razors,
Ranzo ranzo, hurray hurray!
We're bound for Venezuela with a load of drunken tailors,
I love me Ranzo Rae

We're bound for Santiager with a load of German lager,
We're bound for Buenos Aires for a load of green canaries,

We're bound for San Francisco with a cargo of Nabisco,
We're bound for Yokahama with a load of grand pianos,

We're homeward bound from China on board a Limey liner,
We're puttin' on them lartail blues to waltz them girls around, timme

We're loaded down with curios from China and the Indies, oh
We'll soon be seeing all them girls, the girls we so adore, timme

We've sailed the whole world over like a proper deep sea rover,
We'll pass the cliffs of Dover, and then we'll be in clover,

``We'll eat and drink and have our fun'' says every drunken Johnny,
Them girls are waiting on the pier and soon they'll have our money,


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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