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The Far Northland

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The Far Northland

 It's the far northland that's a callin' me away,
 as take I with my packsack to the road.
 It's the call on me of the forest in the north,
 as step I with the sunlight for my load.

 Cho: From Lake Agnes, by Louisa, to Kawnipi I will go,
     Where you see the loon and hear his plaintive wail,
     If you're think'n in your inner heart there's a swagger in my step,
     Then you'll know I've been along the border trail.

 It's the flash of paddle blades a gleamin' in the sun,
 a canoe softly skimming by the shore,
 It's the smell of pine and bracken comin' on the breeze
 that calls me to the waterways once more.

 The version in the Rise Up Singing songbook - called "The Border Trail." - is a
lmost the same,
 but with different place names. It also has a couple of skiing verses.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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