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Rebels Escape

Rebels Escape

Come all you jolly soldiers I will sing to you a song
I will try to be brief I will not detain you long
Concerning al my troubles and how they did advance
And how I got around them and what a narrow chance

With a bottle of good whiskey, I put the guard to sleep
Then down upon my knees so slyly I did creep
And when I had gone around them and found I had got through
I set down upon a little rock and there put on my shoe.

The ferryage it was guarded and I had nary horse
I cast my eyes around a little raft I spied
I thought by good judgment I could get to the other side
I jumped upon my little raft, so gently sailed across

Not thanking them for ferryage nor eitherwise a horse
I struck out up old Lickin, I set my head for home
To see my wife and children all that was my intent
To see my wife and children that I had left at home.

When I come to find them, I found them all asleep
I told my wife I had been a prisoner and now on my retreat
She gave to me my supper a blanket in my hand
Told me to leave this country and go to Dixies land.

Laws A19
DT #807
From Thomas, Devils Ditties
Filename[ REBESCAP

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