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Red Boogie Blues

Red Boogie Blues

Jimmie was a maritime worker
He worked night and day
Workers at his
Side were unhappy,
Needed higher pay.

The bosses of the ships said "No --
You ain't a-gonna get more dough."
So Jimmy and Johnny and Maritime Mike,
Very calmly went out on a Maritime Strike

That began it
Man it began,--

"You're a Red," cried reporters and the filthy press
"You're a Red," cried the bosses who began the mess,
And Jimmy unen-lighten'd
Was so very, very frightened
That he ran like a snail with a whale on his tail

He got the red boogie,
The red red boogie,
The red boogie blues

When Jim pulled into Frisco harbor
He went ashore to see his barber
His hair was never cut (no, no)
'Cause the guy went off his nut (yes, yes)
When he spied the red on the barber pole
The Red,Red boogie man had taken his toll

The ship weighed anchor at Havana
The night was hot and so was Anna,
His passion knew no bounds
'Til her hat fell to the ground,
And he fainted away 'cause her hair was red,
The Red, Red boogie man was under his bed.
"You're a red," cried the radio -- F. D. R.
You're Red if you love the Russian Caviar,
Though facts and figures show it jumpin'
Jimmy didn't know it,
You're a red in the eyes of the guys with the dough,
They got the Red Boogie, the Red, Red Boogie,
The Red boogie blues.

Jimmy boy was patriotic
Till one day he got psychotic,
He had a crying jag while saluting our flag,
While he gazed in a daze at the red, red stripe,
The Red, Red boogie man had played on his pipe.
Came the dawn and Jim was shaving
Lather up and whiskers waving
The blood began to drip when Jimmy cut his lip
And he died when spied that his blood was red,
 The Red, Red boogie man was one jerk ahead

You're a red if you wanna kill the K. K. K.
You're a red if you wanna see a better day
So don't start caring if they wave a red herring
'Cause if you think Franco stinks you're a red
An' if you hate all the finks you're a red
And if you criticize Truman 'cause he acts inhuman
You're a red, red, red, red.
You're not alone in the fight, don't you see?
You're in the right in the best company
So don't start caring if they wave a red herring
It's the Red boogie,the Red, Red boogie,
 We're gonna kill that Boogie Man!


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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