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Red Ransom

Red Ransom
(Bob Coltman)

  Red Ransom, old red rover
  It'll be over before long
  I knowed you when you was a rover
  But now your roving days are done

And walk, Old Ransom, walk around
Walk down the middle of the best street in town
And a woman, old woman, come along and stare old Ransom down
She walk like a lady grand
Don't steal my money, don't touch my hand
Just you keep your distance, you dirty old derelict man

And mama and papa walk along
They grab their little boy when they see Ransom
And they say, stay away from people that don't belong
And down on the playground to play
Old Ransom sad, watching little children all day
They call on the phone, Cop, make the old man go away

I've heard old Ransom claim
That he once was the hero of a baseball game
Crossed the ocean and won himself a boyhood fame
He had him money to spare
A house and a car and a lady fair
And a new suit of clothes that made all the ladies stare

But now old Ransom's poor
And he ain't got his house or his lady no more
And the years have shut down on him
  like a cellar door
He's old and dirty and sad
He's lost everything that he ever has had
And they set the dogs on him 'cause they think he might
  do something bad

Copyright Bob Coltman

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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