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The Raftsmen

The Raftsmen

Where are all the raftsmen?
They've gone up to the logging camps.

cho: Bing on the ring! Bang on the rang!
     Let the raftsmen go by,
     Bing on the ring! Bing bang!)

They went via Bytown
With the provisions they bought.

They went up in bark canoes
With great pleasure.

They ate pork and beans
To ease the hunger in their stomachs.

When they arrived in the logging camps
They made handles for their axes.

How the Ottawa (River) is astonished
At the noise when they push the logs into the water

When work in the camps was finished
They went home.

They kissed  their wives and sweethearts,
Very happy to be home again.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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