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Rights of Woman

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Rights of Woman
by A Lady (1792)

God save each female's right,
Show to her ravish'd sight
     Woman is free;
Let Freedom's voice prevail
And draw aside the vail,
Supreme Effulgence hail,
     Sweet Liberty.

Man boasts the noble cause,
Nor yields supine to laws
     Tyrants ordain;
Let woman have a share,
Nor yield to slavish fear,
Her equal rights declare,
     And well maintain.

Come forth with sense array'd,
Nor ever be dismay'd
     To meet the foe;
Who with assuming hands
Inflict the iron bands,
To obey his rash commands,
     And vainly bow.

O Let the sacred fire
Of Freedom's voice inspire
     A Female too;
Man makes the cause his own,
And Fame his acts renown,
Woman thy fears disown,
     Assert thy due.

Think of the cruel chain,
Endure no more the pain
     Of slavery;
Why should a tyrant bind
A cultivated mind
By Reason well refin'd
     Ordained Free.

Why should a Woman lie
In base obscurity,
     Her talents hid,
Has providence assign'd
Her soul to be confin'd;
Is not her gentle mind
     By virtue led?

Let snarling cynics frown,
Their maxims I disown,
     Their ways detest;
By man, your tyrant lord,
Females no more be aw'd.
Let Freedom's sacred word,
     Inspire your breast.

Woman aloud rejoice,
Exalt thy feeble voice
     In chearful strain;
See Wolstonecraft, a friend,
Your injur'd rights defend,
Wisdom her steps attend,
     The cause maintain.

Tune: God Save the King
Note: This was likely inspired by Mary Wollstonecroft's book
Vindication of the Rights of Woman; the first major feminist
document. It was published in the Philadelphia Minerva in 1795.
Incidentally, in 1797 women voted in New Jersey. RG
From Music for Patriots, Politicians and Presidents, Lawrence

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