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Robin Hood and the Scotchman

Robin Hood and the Scotchman

1 Now bold Robin Hood to the north would go,
With valeur and mickle might,
With sword by his side, which oft had been try'd,
To fight and recover his right.

2 The first that he met was a jolly stout Scot,
His servant he said he would be;
'No,' riuoth Robin Hood, 'It cannot be good,
For thou wilt prove false unto me.

3 'Thou hast not been true to sire or cut;
'Nay, marry, the Scot he said,
'As true as your heart, I never will part;
Good master, be not afraid.

4 'But eer I employ you,' said bold Robin Hood,
'With you I must have a bout;'
The Scotchman reply'd, Let the battle be try'd,
For I know I will beat you out.

5 Thus saying, the contest did quickly begin,
Which lasted two hours and more;
The blows Sawney gave bold Robin so brave
The battle soon made him give eer.

6 'Have mercy, thou Scotchman,' bold Robin Hood cry'd,
  'Full dearly this boon have I bought;
We will both agree, and my man you shall be,
For a stouter I never have fought.'

7 Then Sawny consented with Robin to go,
To be of his bowmen so gay;
Thus ended the fight, and with mickle delight
To Sherwood they hasted away.

Child #130
Goteh's Robin Hood, II, 392, from an Irish Ga arland, printed at Monaghan, 1796.
From Child, version B.

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