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Richland Women Blues

Richland Women Blues
(John Hurt)

Give me red lipstick and a bright poppy rouge
A shinglebob haircut and a shot of good booze

      Hurry down sweet Daddy, come blowin' your horn
      If you come too late your mama will be gone

Come along young man, everything's settin right
My husband gone away 'til late Saturday night

Now I'm rarin' to go, got red shoes on my feet
My mind is set right for tin lizzy seat

Stop at the fashion shop, get the one that looks best
Your own sweet mama wants a brand new dress

Red rooster says, "Cockadoodle do doo"
The Richland women say, "Any dude will do."

Every Sunday morning, church watchin' me go
My wings sprouted out, the preacher told me so.

With rosy red garters and pink hose on my feet
Turkey-red bloomer with a rumble seat

Dress skirt high, then they cut low,
Don't think I'm a sport, keep on watchin' me go.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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