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Ringy Dang Doo

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Ringy Dang Doo

When I was young and in my teens,
I met a girl from New Orleans,
Oh, she was young and pretty too,
And she had what's known as a ringy dang doo

cho: Oh, ringy dang doo, pray what is that?
     It's round and soft like a pussy cat,
     It's round and soft and enticing too.
     And that's what's known as ringy dang doo

She took me down into her cellar,
She said that I was a nice young feller,
She gave me wine and whiskey too,
And let me play with her ringy dang doo

She took me up upon her bed
And placed a pillow beneath my head,
She took me by my wicky wacky woo
And shoved it into her ringy dang doo.

Her mother said "You naughty girl,
You've gone and lost your maiden curl.
The only thing left for you to do,
Is make some dough with your ringy dang doo. "

So Mary went and became a whore,
She hung a sign outside her door:
"Come all ye old and young ones too
And take a crack at my ringy dang doo."

Oh, many came and many went,
And the price came down to fifty cents.
The last one came, I know not who,
But he sure played hell with her ringy dang doo.

Old (insert name) the son of a bitch,
Whose arse was crowned with the seven years'itch
A dose of syph and clapped up, too,
Still stuck it into her ringy dang doo.

And after that they came no more,
For she was then a clappy old whore.
She took the sign down from her door
And that's the end of her ringy dang doo.

From Songs from the Front and Rear, Hopkins

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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