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Ring of Iron

Ring of Iron
(Graham MIles)

Cho: It's all around the town
     All around the town
     It's all around the town
     This hard ring of iron.

There's smoke up in the sky
Smoke up in the sky
There's smoke that's black and chimney stacks
As far as the eye can see

There's shipyards to the north
Chemicals to the south
Factories, stills and rolling mills
Right down to the river's mouth.

But there's fields and pastures green
Fields and pastures green
There's fields and pastures green
Outside this ring of iron

So it's out of town I'm bound
Out of town I'm bound
It's out of town I'm bound
And I'll break this ring of iron.

Copyright Graham Miles
Song believed to be about  Middlesborough,  on
Teeside, North East England.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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