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A Ripping Trip

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A Ripping Trip

You go aboard of a leaky boat and sail for San Francisco
You've got to pump to keep her afloat: you have that, by jingo
The engine soon begins to squeak but nary thing to oil her
Impossible to stop the leak -- RIP goes the boiler

The captain on the promenade, looking very savage
Steward and the cabin maid fighting 'bout a cabbage
All about the cabin floor passengers lie sea-sick
Steamer's bound to go ashore -- RIP goes the physic

Pork and beans they can't afford to second-cabin passengers
The cook has tumbled overboard with forty pounds of "sassengers"
The engineer, a little tight, bragging on the Mail Line
Finally gets in a fight -- RIP goes the engine

Cholera begins to rage; a few have got the scurvy
Chickens dying in their cage; steerage topsy-turvy
When you get to Panama, greasers want a back-load
Officers begin to jaw -- RIP goes the railroad

When home you'll tell an awful tale, and always will be thinking
How long you had to pump and bail to keep the tub from sinking
Of course, you'll take a glass of gin; 't will make you feel so funny
Some city sharp will rope you in -- RIP goes your money

To Pop Goes the Weasel

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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