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Rambling Soldier/Trim-Rigged Doxy

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Rambling Soldier/Trim-Rigged Doxy

I am a sailor brisk and bold
Long time I've sailed the ocean,
And if you want to know me name
Me name it is Jim Johnson.
Now fellow shipmates, I'll bid you adieu
No more will I rove the world with you
But I'll wander the country through and through
And I'll be a rambling sailor.

Now as I walked out one fine day
Down by the London River
A handsome girl I chanced to spy
We cruised along together
Her cheeks they were like the roses red
She'd a feathery bonnet all on her head
I put the hardwood on her but she said she was a maid
The pretty little trim-rigged doxy!

"Now I can't and I shan't and I won't go with you
You saucy rambling sailor.
Why, me parents they would not agree
I'm promised to a tailor."
But I was hot-shot eager to rifle her charms
"A guinea," says I, "for a roll in your arms"
The deal it was done,  and we went upstairs
Meself and the trim-rigged doxy.

It was haul out the bow and let the stays'ls fall
And yardarm to yardarm bobbin'
Oh, me shot all gone, asleep I falls
And soon she turned to robbin'.
She robbed me pockets of all I had
And she took me boots from the end of the bed
Why, she even took a gold watch out from underneath me head
The saucy little trim-rigged doxy.

And when I'd found that she was gone
I started to roar like thunder.
Oh, me gold watch and me money too
She'd bore them away for plunder.
But it ain't for me watch nor me money too
For them I don't value; for I tell you true
I fear her little fire-bucket burned me bobstay through.
The saucy little trim-rigged doxy.

DT #417
Laws K41
Recorded by Killen, 50 North to 50 North

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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